Posture is the position that each individual takes in space relative to the surrounding environment and the emotional experience. The postural system is a structured set cybernetically to receive multiple and interdependent with the task of opposing the force of gravity and external stress, allowing the movement and balance while improving individual performance. To do this, the body uses the sensory receptors that transform the sensory signal into an electrochemical signal. The spine is the body and is the axial center of rotation for many vegetative functions. Through clinical trials and manual or platforms posturografiche stabilometric you can assess whether it is balanced posture. These consentonodi we note the deviations of the centroid or center of pressure, both statically and during walking and running; also allow us to determine whether the problem is postural type descending or ascending. The descendants postural problems can be caused by the eyes (convergence defects, eteroforie, astigmatism, myopia, etc ...), by mouth (malocclusion, dental problems, missing elements, bad contacts prostheses etc ...), language (atypical swallowing) , ear (vertigo, labirintiti, labirintoliasi, earwax, etc. ...), and psyche. The upward instead depend on the complex problems foot, knee, hip, pelvis, spine and internal organs. Often the postural issues may be of mixed type, that is caused by problems both ascending and descending. In the study of posture is the evaluation of the primary cause of postural dysfunction, or which of the problems is the main cause of the disease dysfunctional. Once the diagnostic evaluation through a thorough examination, correction of posture takes into account those elements of the postural tonic system that, in addition to the inner ear, allow us to place ourselves in space and orient ourselves in relation to what surrounds us in Specifically, the feet, eyes, skin, teeth, and the psyche. Postural interventions are of various types and based on the diagnosis.

























Aids such as orthotics, eyeglasses, bite, occlusal rehabilitation, homeopathic drops ... etc., are integrated with the manual therapy (chiropractic, osteopathy, cranio-sacral), and gymnastics. The purpose of these actions is to restore alignment, harmony and moving to the structure (from the base of his foot to head), readjusting the body to begin its journey to heal yourself. The examination begins with a thorough medical history with particular attention to the emotional and traumatic experience. Will be sought from all possible x-rays and diagnostic results of examinations conducted during the years of disease. He then goes on examination of the body, showing the scars, the bascule and the rotations of the shoulders, hips and knees. A long series of tests will highlight the various dysfunctions responsibility of the individual receptors (ocular, dental, labial, breech, and musculoskeletal).Important attention will be paid to the posturography stabilometric, through the use of electronic postural platforms, which are essential to highlight the plantar support and the modifications that occur by stimulating the different receptors. Comparing the test will have the information necessary to determine which are the receptors and how to correct an unbalanced treatment of "Global Postural Reprogramming" with further visits to the doctor or specialist.